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4 Hidden Places to Check For Mold


Over 30% of brand new homes constructed have some kind of mold in them. Though mold issues are quite common when it comes to residential properties, it’s a serious issue across the business sector, as well. Thankfully, there are professional commercial services that can perform mold inspection and consultation services, as well as help with mold cleanup and prevention.

Whether you’re taking care of your home or your business, you need to know where to look for mold. There are plenty of areas throughout a structure that can have mold growing but might be tough to actually see. Here are some hidden places to regularly check for mold around a building:

4 Hidden Places to Check For Mold

  • Air conditioners — This is especially true when you’re not using your AC units. The air that AC units bring in from outside contains pollen and dirt, which are perfect for mold growth. AC units that sit for long periods of time are likely to contain all kinds of mold spores. Preventing mold inside your AC can be done by simply running it every single day, even if it’s just for a few minutes.
  • Underneath the carpet — Mold can lie beneath the carpeting, inside the floor padding. Any liquids that have spilled onto the floor will lead to mold growth over time.
  • Storage boxes — If there are a lot of cardboard boxes on your property, it’s best to regularly inspect them for mold. Cardboard boxes and paper files can lead to mold if they are being stored in humid environments or a water spill or leak has recently occurred.
  • Window sills — Window sills are a great spot for mold to start and spread since they are consistently exposed to moisture from condensation. Make sure to wide down all your windows sills throughout your home or business and consult with mold commercial services right away if you identify a lot of mold (this goes for anywhere in the building).

If you want to learn more about mold prevention and want to work with professional commercial services, give Hydroforce Cleaning Systems a call today.