Broken Water Pipes

Pipe bursts can happen at the most unexpected and inconvenient times, but they are not random. Many factors contribute to an increased risk of a pipe burst that can be mitigated with proper knowledge and care. One such factor is cold weather–as the water in the pipe becomes colder and eventually freezes, it will also expand and cause the pipe to burst. Other factors include rust and poor water quality.

At HydroForce Cleaning Systems, we’re experts in all things pipe bursts. Our team is able to quickly resolve the cause of the pipe burst and treat any flooding it may have caused using professional-grade water extraction and drying equipment.

What Happens to Burst Pipes?

  • Water freezing due to cold conditions and pushing against the walls of the pipe
  • Pipe erosion due to hard water containing high amounts of minerals
  • Improper pipe installation
  • Rust and wear and tear on pipes

How to Respond to a Pipe Burst in Your Home

The first thing to do when a pipe bursts is to turn off the water supply to stop additional leakage into your home. After you’ve done that, immediately contact the team at Hydroforce Cleaning & Restoration.
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We look forward to working with you on your Chicago flooded basement project. Call us at 1-800-484-0402 to discuss your needs today.

Flooded Basement Hydroforce Cleaning

Flooded Basement Cleanup

Flooding in basements happens all the time, seemingly always when the homeowner least expects it. They can stem from a multitude of different issues, but most often the culprit is a faulty sump pump, heavy rain, and inadequate drainage around the basement.

If you have recently found yourself with a flooded basement, you’re not alone. Hydroforce Cleaning & Restoration has been there to assist hundreds of homeowners when their homes unexpectedly flood and they’re in need of help. Our team specializes in the moisture extraction, drying, and restoration of areas affected by water damage. We draw on over 15 years of experience and our state-of-the-art equipment to remove excess water from your home and bring it back to its original condition. No matter the extent of the flooding in your basement, you can count on Hydroforce to resolve it.

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We’ll build the right action plan for your situation and guide you through every part of the process as we work to restore your property. Using the latest technology, our experts will remove the water and repair the damage quickly.


Rachael Oconnor
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My sump pump recently went out over night and I had gotten water in my crawlspace and familyroom. Joe sent his team out the very next morning for me. His team was very professional and courteous. They cleaned up all the areas where there was water. Fans and dehumidifiers were left for a few days to make sure the affected areas were completely dry. They came in and did moisture readings before deciding to remove the equipment. I am so glad that Joe and his team were the ones that helped me out in the critical situation.
Anna Saccomandi
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Exceeded expectations. Fredrico and his crew were quick to fix my house after an unexpected water damage.They were able to get demolition in quickly then restore my property all before Thanksgiving! The work is beautiful and very professional.
Colleen Gallagher
Read More
These gentlemen were so professional. Our basement was wet, lots and lots of stuff was ruined, and it was completely overwhelming. They came in and saved the day, literally. I cannot possibly say enough good things about this amazing company and it’s fantastic employees. Thank you so much!!!