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Carlos Casanova - 12/15/2020

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Disaster Restoration is something that no one plans for. We at HydroForce pride ourselves on providing quality disaster mitigation and will bring your home or business back to its original state. We provide full service disaster cleanup so whether you experience water damage from a burst pipe to smoke damage from a fire we are licensed to provide you the most excellent service in the Chicago IL area.

HydroForce has a 5-minute response time and is quicker to an emergency situation than any other Chicago restoration company in the industry. You can count on us to be there for you in your time of need.

Water damage is a common problem in homes and businesses because it can be caused by weather conditions like rain and storms as well as burst pipes, overflows, plumbing issues, appliance malfunctions, and more.  When water damage occurs, you need to react immediately as the water spreads quickly through porous building materials which can result in significant damage and mold growth.

If you have found water damage or flooding in your home or business in Chicago, IL, call Hydroforce Cleaning and Restoration right away for professional water damage restoration.  Our technicians completely remove water and moisture with advanced water extraction and drying equipment. We will also restore the damaged areas and address mold growth if necessary.

Few disasters strike fear in the hearts of homeowners and business owners like a fire.  Fires can happen virtually any time and they quickly cause devastating damage.  Not only do the flames damage your property, but corrosive byproducts like smoke and soot will also continue to inflict damage after the fire has been put out.  This is why you need to call our professionals at Hydroforce Cleaning and Restoration immediately after a fire for complete fire damage restoration in Chicago, IL.  We can repair the damage caused by the fire, clean surfaces and materials damaged by smoke and soot, and eliminate smoke odors.

The amount of damage caused by a fire and smoke is extensive.  Our technicians will work diligently to get your home or business back to its pre-fire state.

Smoke and soot tend to be the most damaging factors of fire. As smoke and soot elements continue to spread and cause damage after a fire, they will land on various objects and building materials. In addition, because of their acidic nature, the byproducts will react negatively to the affected materials and cause damage.

Hydroforce Cleaning and Restoration provides professional smoke damage restoration and cleanup services in Chicago, IL. We use advanced equipment and implement a professional deodorization process to extract lingering odor from the house’s materials and surfaces.

Mold is a dangerous and unsightly presence in homes and buildings.  It typically appears in areas affected by excess moisture or water damage, and it takes hold on surfaces that contain organic food sources like drywall and wood.  Not only does mold cause significant property damage, but it is also harmful to your health.  We understand that the sight of mold can make you uneasy which is why we respond quickly to provide effective mold remediation.

Our technicians at Hydroforce Cleaning and Restoration in Chicago, IL will locate and contain the mold and use advanced remediation methods to ensure its removal.  We will also use anti-microbial treatments and air scrubbers to bring the mold concentration back to a safe level.  You can expect your home or building to be mold free when we’re done.

Thunderstorms, strong winds, blizzards, and tornadoes can cause major damage to homes and buildings.  Wind and hail can cause structural damage to the windows, siding, and roof, and rain adds to the mess by causing water damage.  If your home or business in Chicago, IL, is damaged by a storm, Hydroforce Cleaning and Restoration can help you get the situation under control.

We provide complete roof replacement and storm damage restoration to help homes and businesses that have experienced damage.  Our technicians can stabilize and repair structural damage to your roof caused by the storm as well as water damage and mold.  We will also clean up debris from your property.

Natural disasters like storms, floods, fires, and even mold growth can cause serious structural damage to your home.  In extreme cases, the structural damage can leave a home or building unstable and at risk of collapse.  At Hydroforce Cleaning and Restoration, we provide complete reconstruction services as well as disaster restoration to rebuild heavily damaged homes and buildings.  Our technicians can handle every step of the reconstruction process including the repair or installation of drywall, flooring, insulation, carpeting, cabinets, baseboards, doors, windows, and more.

We understand that experiencing severe damage to your property is overwhelming and disheartening.  You can count on the professionals of Hydroforce Cleaning and Restoration to respond quickly and rebuild your home or building following a major disaster in Chicago, IL.

Running a business is already difficult but dealing with damage from a disaster such as a flood, burst pipe, fire, or mold makes the situation much harder.  The losses and downtime caused by the disaster costs your business money.  At Hydroforce Cleaning and Restoration, we are dedicated to getting businesses back on track with complete commercial restoration services in Chicago, IL.  We can handle any disaster restoration job for all businesses and industries.  You can expect us to handle everything efficiently to limit downtime and restore the damage.

Our 5-minute emergency response time is faster than other restoration companies in the Chicago area.  You can expect our technicians to arrive immediately when you need us.

When water, fire, mold, and other disasters cause damage to your home, it is important to act fast to limit the damage and get your home back.  You can count on our professionals at Hydroforce Cleaning and Restoration to provide emergency residential services 24/7 in Chicago, IL. 

Hydroforce Cleaning and Restoration is ready to help homeowners through every phase of the restoration process when disaster strikes.  We understand that you want your home back as soon as possible, and we will work quickly to get your property back to its original state.  Our certified technicians use the best equipment and methods available to fully restore the damage.  You can always expect our technicians to keep you updated throughout the restoration process and treat you and your home with the utmost respect.

Water damage and flooding commonly affect homes and buildings but if the water is contaminated with sewage, the situation is much more dangerous.  Sewage typically affects residential and commercial property if there is a sewage backup or if the property is flooded by contaminated water.  Sewage water not only causes severe, often permanent damage, but it can also threaten your health and safety.  If there is sewage affecting your property, keep everyone away from the affected areas and call our professionals.

Hydroforce Cleaning and Restoration provides sewage backup cleaning services in Chicago, IL to help affected homes and businesses.  Our technicians are trained and equipped to safely remove contaminated water and raw sewage and restore the affected areas to safe conditions.



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Respond Quickly and Help You File Your Insurance Claim

Our technicians will arrive to your property as quickly as possible to evaluate the damage.  When dealing with water damage, it is important to call us right away to prevent secondary damage like mold growth and start the restoration process.  Our technicians will remove the water and then set up the drying equipment to fully dry the affected areas and materials.  We use the best water extraction and drying equipment available and can usually finish the restoration in 3 days. 

Our certified technicians will take care of the water damage while a Project Manager assigned to your project will work with you to file a claim with your insurance provider.  You will then be provided with a claim number and an adjuster will be sent to manage your claim.  Our Project Manager will stay in contact with you and the adjuster through the entire claims process.



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• Frozen, Burst, Broken, or Leaky Pipes
• Flooded Basements
• Overflowing Bathtubs, Toilets, or Sinks
• Clogged or Malfunctioning Drains
• Sewage or Septic Tank Backups
• Dishwasher/Washing Machine Overflows
• Hot Water Tank Floods
• Crawl Space Water Damage
• Sump Pump Failures
• Leaking Roofs or Windows
• Flooding from Heavy Rain Storms


Water Damage Repair and Restoration


We will arrive at your property in a timely manner ready to inspect the extent of the damage. In emergency water damages, it is important to get the water out as soon as possible to prevent any chances of microbial growth or secondary damages to unaffected areas. Once the water is out, it’s time to set up the drying equipment. We utilize the most advanced drying equipment in the industry to quickly and efficiently dry-out a structure. This process usually takes at least 3 days.

While the certified water damage technicians handle your water loss, a Project Manager will be assigned to your project. He or she will go over with you the step-by-step process on how to file a claim with your insurance carrier. Once that claim is filed, an adjuster will be assigned to you and you will receive a claim number. Through the entire process the project manager will remain in constant communication with your insurance adjuster.


Water and flooding can cause widespread damage within your property. Many materials within homes and buildings are porous including wood, drywall, flooring, personal content, and insulation.  Each of these materials can absorb water which makes it difficult to know the extent of the damage.  Our technicians use professional moisture detection equipment to determine how far and deep the water has spread.  We will also use the proper tools and equipment to meet our “drying goal” as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We not only monitor the drying equipment, but also the moisture content in the air by taking “Atmospheric Readings” with RH units called hygrometers.  These tools will help us know when the air is dry enough to create optimal drying conditions to dry the damaged areas as quickly as possible.


Once the drying process is complete, the damaged areas are ready to be repaired and restored.  We can provide reconstruction repairs including drywall repairs, baseboard repair or replacement, flooring repair, painting, and more while trying to be as non-destructive as possible. You can expect our technicians to get your property back to its original condition.

We can provide your insurance company with an estimate for the reconstruction repairs.  We are familiar with dealing with insurance claims and will assist you through the entire process. 



Rachael Oconnor
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My sump pump recently went out over night and I had gotten water in my crawlspace and familyroom. Joe sent his team out the very next morning for me. His team was very professional and courteous. They cleaned up all the areas where there was water. Fans and dehumidifiers were left for a few days to make sure the affected areas were completely dry. They came in and did moisture readings before deciding to remove the equipment. I am so glad that Joe and his team were the ones that helped me out in the critical situation.
Anna Saccomandi
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Exceeded expectations. Fredrico and his crew were quick to fix my house after an unexpected water damage.They were able to get demolition in quickly then restore my property all before Thanksgiving! The work is beautiful and very professional.
Colleen Gallagher
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These gentlemen were so professional. Our basement was wet, lots and lots of stuff was ruined, and it was completely overwhelming. They came in and saved the day, literally. I cannot possibly say enough good things about this amazing company and it’s fantastic employees. Thank you so much!!!

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We’ll build the right action plan for your situation and guide you through every part of the process as we work to restore your property. Using the latest technology, our experts will remove the water and repair the damage quickly.