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Mold Clean Up: 4 Mistakes You Need to Avoid



Mold growth inside a home might seem like a minor annoyance, but it is imperative that you address these issues right away. Even the slightest bit of mold inside a new or old home can cause some serious health concerns.

There has even been a 200% increase in defect mold litigation in construction over the past five years. If you suspect that you have any kind of mold growth inside your home, whether it’s in your attic, your basement, or within your home’s foundation, you need to know how to effectively get rid of these damaging issues.

Here are some common mold clean up mistakes that you should avoid at all costs:

Mold Clean Up: 4 Mistakes You Need to Avoid

  1. Not acting quickly — The most important aspect of mold clean up is addressing the issue as soon as possible. If you neglect any mold growth inside your home, not only will the health concerns amplify, the damage will get much worse, as well, subsequently damaging your home’s structure and significantly decreasing its resale value.
  2. Using bleach — For some reason, many homeowners believe that using bleach is an effective way to remove mold from inside a home. That’s not true since bleach only changes the color of mold, but doesn’t actually get rid of it or prevent any of mold-related damages.
  3. Only using mold-resistant plants — Mold-resistant plants actually can help and will even look great, but the won’t solve the issue. All mold-resistant plants do is cover the infected area. Underneath, the mold will continue to grow. Mold-resistant plants are only recommended once the mold has been completely eliminated.
  4. Attempting to do everything yourself — Though you should beware of all the aforementioned mistakes, the worst thing you can do when it comes to ridding your home of mold is to do everything yourself. There are mold clean up professionals who specialize in quick and efficient water damage clean up and home restoration services.

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