Residential water damage doesn’t discriminate and can ruin a home at any point. The average cost of a home water damage insurance claim is approximately $6,965. If you neglect any household water issues, you’ll end up spending even more in the long run on plumbing services, repair, maintenance work, and mold cleanup.

Here are some helpful tips for dealing with residential water damage:

4 Tips For Dealing With Residential Water Damage

  • Control indoor moisture — The best way to stop mold, mildew, and water damage is to control dampness inside the home. The worst water infestations typically occur in damp crawlspaces, up in attics, and walls where water has leaked in from outside the home. Make sure you’re monitoring your basement’s moisture level, as well. “Smart” bathroom timers and humidity sensors are great for monitoring indoor moisture levels.
  • Hire professional plumbing services — Whether you are scheduling an annual plumbing inspection or are in need of plumbing repairs, you should consult with professionals to ensure you’re getting quality service. Dealing with water damage can be incredibly stressful, but professionals can help alleviate that stress and get your home back to normal.
  • Don’t delay water cleanup — The longer you wait to get your home clean and free of water damage, the more permanent the damage will be. Mold can quickly grow inside walls and will cost a significant amount more in the long run — so it’s best to act fast.
  • Stop the flow of water — If flooding or any kind of water damage has occurred, before you do anything, you should stop the water from flowing to avoid other residential issues. If the flooding was caused by a burst pipe or a water heater failure, you need to shut off the main water line inside your home right away. Contact an expert immediately if you’re unsure of where the water is actually coming from.

If your home has been damaged by water and are in need of mold inspection and consultation and 24-hour emergency plumbing services, give Hydroforce Cleaning Systems a call right away.